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CFO Consulting Services

Help your company maintain a healthy financial situation throughout the year with CFO consulting services from Arthur & Company. We help you prepare a challenging plan for the coming year ensuring your company thrives under your leadership. ...more

Accounting Services

Streamline your finances and help your company maintain a healthy bottom line with our accounting services. Preparation is the key to successful system implementation, and using our proven techniques, we help your company to become system ready.

Proudly Serving the Bay Area, Sacramento, Central Valley, Stockton, Tracy, Lodi, San Francisco, San Mateo, & Oakland. ...more

Who We Are

Arthur & Company, in Lodi, California, provides business financial services for small and medium-sized businesses in the Bay Area, Sacramento, and the Central Valley. We help you analyze your financial statements and assist in preparation, if necessary. With more than tweny years experience in preparing strategic plans, budgets and forecasts, we can help you plan for the coming year and provide the means to execute the plan to help assure your growth in revenue and profitability. As a QuickBooks® Pro Advisor, we can help small businesses select and manage the proper module. There are many QuickBooks ® custom packages to fit the needs of your business. We also help select and implement Tier Two Enterprise level software packages for businesses from $5 million to $500 million in annual revenues. Our specialty is in managing inventory and system upgrades, two of the most challenging areas for Retailers and Manufacturers. We have experience in Big 4 and Fortune 500 companies, and have more than 20 years serving as a CFO for medium-sized businesses. We can help you grow in value. ...more