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Learn More about Our Founder in Lodi, California

John Arthur, founder of Arthur & Company, is an accomplished financial executive and consultant. His career includes KPMG public accounting, Audit and Executive roles in Fortune 500 Retail, and 20 years as CFO in middle market retail and manufacturing companies. Using current research, combined with John's experience, you will discover solutions that increase profitability. 

Background & Education

John has a background in audits, is detail oriented, and internal-control oriented. He is a retired CPA, has an MBA from Indiana University, and more than 30 years of experience.

Creating Synergy

What separates John from other consultants is his ability to create synergy throughout the company, successfully allowing for the completion of common goals. He develops rapport with each department manager in the process of learning his client's operations, and capitalizes on these relationships to develop the necessary collaboration between cross-functional departments. Additionally, as a member of Financial Executives International, John Arthur has access to:

  • Current Research Publications
  • Current Reporting Requirements
  • Discussions of Future Trends
  • Financial Executive Members
  • More about the Success of the Company

    Our company has years of experience working with both large and small businesses. We have the ability to quickly identify issues, arrive at solutions, and implement them in a timely way. Additionally, Arthur & Company maintains successful experience in implementing systems and increasing value. The company's most recent client saw a tripling of value due to the ERP Implementation success we provided.

    John Arthur is a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor, which means that he can help you select, implement and manage the right QuickBooks software for your company.