RSPT Arthur and Company email



Dennis Emerick, Former CFO, Schurman Fine Papers

"When I was CFO of Schurman Fine Papers, I retained John as a consultant to assist in evaluating the company's business model processes as well as an ERP implementation that was underway at the time. John's work helped identify and change numerous financial / accounting and operating policies that needed to be updated. His assistance was also quite effective in deciding to convert to (and in implementing) a much better software platform. After several months, John was hired as the company's principal accounting officer and served as one of Schurman's key executives in the process of managing a successful financial and operating recovery (from a downturn that was caused by the aforementioned ERP implementation problem).

The quality of John's work was solid and his knowledge, organization, and objectivity were extremely helpful in working through what was a highly stressed and quasi-chaotic business environment. The outcome was very successful. John's breadth of accounting, finance, and operational experience across numerous companies and industries makes him a quality advisor. Also, his orientation toward defining objectives and delivering accountable results is a compelling consulting characteristic." May 4, 2011 Dennis Emerick

Joe Stagg, Business Development, California Hydronics

"John played a key roll in the implementation of our company's ERP inventory control system, as well as bringing our growing company of age with an introduction to professional Human Resources. Although change is always difficult for some, I firmly believe that both of these solutions greatly enhanced the overall productivity of the company, helped to establish better management and organization, offered better team and individual morale, and helped the company effectively work through its necessary growing pains.

John is a great individual and I would recommend his work to anyone." April 1, 2011 J. Stagg

Anthony Lynott, V.P., Union Bank

"I can say without hesitation that John added significant value to his company by instilling a disciplined approach to the management of financial controls and the company's balance sheet. As a banker, I was particularly impressed with the accounting changes he implemented during his tenure with the company and, most importantly, the tangible results he has achieved that has enabled the company to prosper despite the current economic climate." June 24, 2010 A. Lynott

Mike Malizola, VP Marketing, Joes Got Game

"It has been my privilege to have been an associate and friend of John Arthur for over twelve years. Throughout his career, John has set himself apart from many in the industry through his exceptional ability to develop and maintain IT infrastructure in a manner that greatly accelerates company growth and earnings. Mr. Arthur has accomplished this for multiple corporations through his superlative skills in the management of inventory, vendors, capital, and human resources. He is truly a seasoned veteran whom I would welcome the opportunity to work alongside at any time." July 12, 2008